Sunday, January 17, 2010

கிழக்கில் உதித்து கிழக்கில் மறைந்த சூரியன்....

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  1. While lakhs and lakhs Bengalis, mainly the beneficiaries of the wideranging land reforms carried out by his Left Front government, mourn the death of Jyoti Basu, some sections of the press and so-called commentators are trying to belittle his achievements and shamelessly write that he led Bengal into stagnation. All their 'expert' views are lapped up by a large section of the media, which of late thrives on sensationalism, cinema and 'sex'.
    Gurumurthy is one of the worthies who has been carrying out this anti-Left and anti-Basu campaignn. Had Jyoti Basu given tax sops to a few indiustrialists (as Manmohan Singh, Chidambaram, and co has been doing) auditors like Gurumurthy would have hailed him as a visionary. Had he raised the income tax limit for the middle classes, the indian press would have gone to town praising his farsightedness.
    Poor Jyoti Basu he only thought of helping the poor sharecroppers and landless agricultural labourers redistributing a mere 13 lakh acres to them. The Indian press, with few honourable exceptions, which has not bothered to highlight the suicide of 2 lakh Indian farmers, is attacking a man who has turned around the lives of Bengali rural poor.
    Had he raemained a barrister he would have had a 'great luxurioius life', perhaps advising the rich to evade the law and become richer. And the press would have hailed him as a legal luminary. Poor Jyoti Basu, he gave up all that and chose to be the champion of the cause of 'dirty Indians' toiling in the fields and factories of India. Pozhaikkath theriyadha aalu.